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Our team analyse requirements while standing in your customers shoes to form a roadmap for successful project delivery.

Define Objectives
Feasibility Study
User Research
Define User Journeys
Functional Specifications


Our UI-UX team crafts the experience for your digital product, ensuring seamless navigation and increased conversions for your business.

Visual Design
UI Testing


Our dev team develops pixel-perfect, highly scalable, and performance-efficient apps using right tech stack for your product.

Front-End Development
Backend Development
Web Applications
Mobile Application
Custom Application


Our dedicated dev teams keep your software running reliably, providing ongoing support for uninterrupted performance.

Quality Assurance
Bug Tracking & Resolution
Regular Updates

Version Control
User Feedback
Scalability Planning

Customer Success Stories
W E   D E L I V E R E D

From innovative startups to reputable brands, we have a journey to present.

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Fueled by passion and a commitment to our clients, our team of digital experts drives performance for small businesses.

People love working with us
Benjamin Head profile picture for testimonial
V A L U E D   C U S T O M E R S

Benjamin Head

Founder, benji™ & TUNED
''I hired a dedicated team at ThirtyNorth Dev to develop a MERN stack application that integrates with iOS and Android as well. It facilitates payments, chat, scheduling & HIPAA compliances. The team worked around the clock to deliver a product that not only looks good, but performs better than expected. Saeed, in particular, made himself available at just about any time to answer questions or to brainstorm. This gave me, as a technology founder type, a great deal of confidence. I highly recommend ThirtyNorth Dev."
Mikey Ahdoot profile picture for testimonial
V A L U E D   C U S T O M E R S

Michael Ahdoot

Founder & CEO, Habit Nest
"It has been a pleasure to collaborate with a dedicated team from ThirtyNorth Dev for apps development. Their professionalism, paired with deep tech expertise in mobile app development and python, has resulted in technically sound and user-centric product. From conceptualisation, launch & scale, entire process was thorough and well-structured .They ensured clear and prompt communication, no technical jargon, presented complex information in an accessible manner, our full team was aligned throughout the process that formed a productive and transparent working relationship. The end product exceeded our expectations in terms of functionality, design, and overall user experience."
Jiten Chandirmani profile picture for testimonial
V A L U E D   C U S T O M E R S

Jay Chandirmani

Founder & CEO, ProductHubb
''We are working with a MERN Stack & Webflow team from ThirtyNorth Dev for the past two years, I am pleased with the quality of work. They consistently delivered a functional and reliable product, showcasing a commendable level of technical skill and dedication. Their ability to understand complex use-cases and implement my requirements has made our collaboration efficient, they were responsive to feedback throughout the development process. I appreciate the consistent effort and the positive outcomes we achieved together. I would recommend them for reliability and commitment to delivering a solid product."
Raphael Setin profile picture for testimonial
V A L U E D   C U S T O M E R S

Raphael Setin

Tech Lead, ProductHubb
''Over the past 2+ years working with ThirtyNorth Dev, one of the standout qualities has been their effective communication skills.
They consistently demonstrated a keen ability to keep channels of dialogue open, ensuring projects run smoothly. PM, in particular, has been notably responsive, always being there when needed. The use of diverse tools Trello, Slack, GitHub, showcases their commitment to staying organised. While there's always room for growth, they've displayed an appreciative attitude towards feedback, using it as a stepping stone to refine their processes. Our relationship has been built on trust & mutual respect. Their approachability makes collaborating with them quite seamless."
Jeremy Sebens customer review for ThirtyNorth Dev
V A L U E D   C U S T O M E R S

Jeremy Sebens

RealFlight Manager, Horizon Hobby
''They were able to complete a non-standard and complex simulation based web development project on time and within budget. The work product was well organised and of good quality. Perhaps more importantly, Saeed is a good communicator. The process of quoting, completing and approving the project was smooth and clear at all stages. It is uncommon to develop a new partner and have no real surprises, but that was our experience here. I strongly recommend ThirtyNorth Dev as a development partner. "
Eddie Bezalel profile picture for review
V A L U E D   C U S T O M E R S

Eddie Bezalel

"ThirtyNorth Dev team is extremely professional, punctual and flat out amazing. I reached out to many people and they stood out the most. From the very beginning till delivery, they impressed me by taking the time to connect on consultation call and thoroughly go through my specification document to ensure we fully understood each other’s expectations. Highly recommend team and will continue to use them."
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